Posted Thursday December 27, 2018


The real reason female entrepreneurs get less funding

Dana Kanze is a doctoral fellow at Columbia Business School where she applies behavioral insights to understand sources of inequality in entrepreneurship.

14:48 minutes · TEDxPeachtree

Women own 39 percent of all businesses in the US, but female entrepreneurs get only two percent of venture funding. What's causing this gap? Dana Kanze shares research suggesting that it might be the types of questions start-up founders get asked when they're invited to pitch. Whether you're starting a new business or just having a conversation, learn how to spot the kinds of questions you're being asked -- and how to respond more effectively.

Prior to embarking upon her PhD, Dana Kanze co-founded and ran a venture-funded startup for five years. Her experiences as a female entrepreneur and CEO inspired her to examine gender distinctions among founders. Her research embraces a mixed methods approach, combining field and archival studies that explore correlational relationships with controlled experiments that develop causal stories. Her work has been published in The Academy of Management and The Harvard Business Review and featured in Bloomberg, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal, among others. Kanze graduated magna cum laude with a BS in economics from The Wharton School and began her career as an investment banker and strategic consultant.

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