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Math and Homework

New Edition of Interactive Maple E-book Fuels Success in Math

Third edition of The Mathematics Survival Kit – Maple Edition covers over 170 topics

Maplesoft™ announced the publication of the third edition of “The Mathematics Survival Kit - Maple™ Edition.” This unique e-book is designed to give students precisely the information they need to overcome difficulties encountered while working on math homework or assignment problems. It gives students the opportunity to review exactly the concept or technique they are stuck on, learn what they need to know, work through an example, practice as much as they want using randomly generated, automatically graded questions on that exact topic, and then continue with their homework.

The e-book was written by award-winning teacher Jack Weiner, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Guelph, and is based on his popular printed book, “The Mathematics Survival Kit” published by Nelson Education Ltd. Drawn from his 40 years of teaching experience, Weiner identified those topics that both university and high school students find most problematic. The latest release of The Mathematics Survival Kit - Maple Edition contains 31 additional topics, bringing the total to 171. All of the new topics were created by Weiner and co-author Carly Bobak in direct response to requests from readers of earlier editions, including students, teachers, and even parents. The additional content deepens the coverage of mathematical topics at every level, from early high school to university, and even includes some new pre-high school topics. New materials range from basic operations such as operations with decimals, to integration techniques, probability, and differential equations.

“Everyone knows how frustrating it feels to get stuck on a step in your math problem that prevents you from answering the question,” said author Jack Weiner. “The Mathematics Survival Kit – Maple Edition is designed to help students get un-stuck, strengthening their mathematical foundation so they can move on to new learning. Just as importantly, it gives students the chance to practice working with each bite-sized topic as much as they need to feel confident in their abilities. With the new topics in the third edition, students from early high school to second year university and beyond will find the MSK even more useful. Based on my own experience and the feedback I’ve received from people who have used earlier editions, I truly believe that this Maple e-book will help students succeed in their mathematics courses and have fun along the way.”

For this edition, Weiner asked Carly, a former student, who is now a mathematics PhD candidate at Dartmouth, to co-author. “It was fun writing the first and second editions of the Maple MSK,” said Jack. “It was even more fun working collaboratively with Carly. Carly used Maple extensively in researching and writing her master’s thesis, and brought her Maple expertise to this project.”
Availability and Pricing

The new version of The Mathematics Survival Kit: Maple Edition is available from the Maplesoft web store at http://webstore.maplesoft.com for $29 USD. Students who don’t have Maple can purchase a specially priced bundle containing Maple 2017 Student Edition and the Mathematics Survival Kit.

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